Nursery and Primary Schools

UNITY MONTESSORI NURSERY/ PRIMARY SCHOOL is an educational platform for preschool children. We strive to provide high standards of Montessori education that can bring out the intellectual excellence of a curious and inquisitive mind of a toddler.

Unity High School

The UNITY HIGH SCHOOL babies are learning confidently in a loving and compassionate environment within school and they carry love with them to their homes. The power of bringing a change is not in the hands of the big and strong, only these youngsters can become honest leaders.

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Open Day 2017

Ever wondered what College life is like Take a tour of Wesley College and speak directly to current students to hear about what it’s like to live on campus
Saturday, 26 August 2017
9am – 4pm

School Life

Parents Say

I can positively say Schule has made my son a better person. It has helped him develop a positive attitude towards his studies

John Stevens

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